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Oxfordshire Korfball Association

OKL Week 7 Report 11/11/14

A good weekend for our regional teams with wins for Oxford and Southampton (who remain unbeaten and on top of the league).

In division 1 there were wins for Farnborough and Basingstoke. The other scheduled match (Abingdon v Basingstoke) was forfeit by Abingdon.

In Division 2 (N) there was a win for Abingdon 2 and it finished all square between Abingdon 3 and Oxford City 2. There were no games in Div 2 (S).


Provisional Results  

Regional League

Oxford City   18-15   Cardiff Uni.

Southampton Spartans   23-10   Horfield

OKA Division 1

Farnborough 1   23-8   Didcot 1

Isis 1   5-18   Basingstoke Bulls 1

OKA Division 2 (N)

Isis 2   4-11   Abingdon 2

Abingdon 3   7-7   Oxford City 2


Student Preliminaries in Southampton this weekend UPDATED

On Saturday 8th November Southampton will be hosting the first part of the series of BUCS student tournaments, Preliminaries.  Five teams will attend and four will be promoted to the next level - Regionals, taking place in January.  The remaining fifth team together with Reading Uni who withdrew from Preliminaries will later fight in a nation-wide competition called BUCS Korfball Shield.

The teams taking part are (in alphabetical order):

Brighton University 1 (with England Senior and U21 internationals)
Southampton University 1 (with England U21 internationals)
Southampton University 2
Oxford University 1
Oxford University 2

UPDATE:  The first four teams on the list qualified to play in the regional competition against universities from SW England and Wales;  Oxford University 2 will play in the Shield competition.


OKL Week 5 Results (27/10/14)

Regional League

Basingstoke   17-10   Cardiff Uni

OKA Division 1

Basingstoke   18-10   Didcot

Southampton Uni   0-0   Abingdon

Oxford City   12-4   Oxford Uni

OKA Division 2 (S)

Southampton City 1   22-2   Southampton Uni 2

Woking 2   15-3   Reading

OKA Division 2 (N)

Abingdon 2   16-4   Oxford Uni 2

Oxford Uni 2   5-3   Oxford City 3


OKL Week 6 Report (02/11/14)

Southampton maintain their unbeaten record in division 1 with a successful away trip up to Oxford. A special mention for Alex Bell (Southampton Uni) who scored an impressive 13 (thirteen!) goals in their victory against Oxford City. A dynamic and hardworking Oxford Uni battled hard but also lost out to the experienced side. In the very next game they then faced Basingstoke, and despite fighting for every ball could not keep pace with their goal scoring.

In the early games in Reading there was a rude awakening for the hosts against Southampton City 1, but they redeemed themselves with a good first win of the season against Farnborough 2. Elsewhere, it was a very close game between Oxford Uni 2 and Isis 2 that could have gone either way.  In the end a single goal separated the teams and it went to Uni. Finally, Woking 2 maintain a perfect record with a win against Southampton City 2.

Provisional Results

OKA Division 1

Oxford City   6-28   Soton Uni

Oxford Uni   8-15   Soton Uni

Oxford Uni   3-16   Basingstoke

OKA Division 2 (N)

Oxford Uni 2   4-3   Oxford Isis 2

OKA Division 2 (S)

Reading Uni   6-27   Soton City 1

Reading Uni   9-8   Farnborough 2

Woking 2   16-4   Soton City 2


OKL Week 4 Report 20/10/14

In the regional league Southampton recorded a couple of wins against both the Cardiff City and University teams. Basingstoke were defeated by last year’s champions, in a game that also counts for the EKA promotion league.

In OKA division 1, Farnborough keep their perfect record at the expense of Oxford Uni and City and Abingdon came through a close game to beat Oxford Uni.

There were also wins for Oxford City 2, Southampton Uni 2 and Woking 2.

Provisional Results

Regional League

Bristol Thunder   17-9   Basingstoke (also counts for EKA promotion league)

Cardiff Celts   15-23   Southampton Spartans

Cardiff University   7-20   Southampton Spartans

OKA Division 1

Farnborough 1   14-11   Oxford City 1

Farnborough 1   14-5   Oxford Uni 1

Oxford Uni 1   9-12   Abingdon 1

OKA Division 2 (N)

Oxford Uni 2   0-7   Oxford City 2

OKA Division 2 (S)

Southampton City 2   3-4   Southampton Uni 2

Woking 2   16-7   Basingstoke 2


Guildford - NEW Korfball club starting!

A new Korfball club is starting up in Guildford!

If you are interested in knowing more information please contact Matt at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

They will be looking for new or experienced players, so if you are local get in touch and find out more.



OKL Week 3 Report 12/10/14

In the regional league Basingstoke convincingly beat Oxford City (who unfortunately were unable to field a full team), this game also counted for OKA division 1.

In division 1 Basingstoke then faced last years runners up Abingdon. The match was a tight, tense affair that was neck and neck the whole way through, in the end only a single goal separated the two teams. Southampton Uni faced Farnborough, the stakes were high as both sides have made good starts to the season and were as yet unbeaten. Southampton came through a close game to win by 3 goals. Didcot also got their season off to a good start with a win against Oxford Isis.

In division 2 (N) there was a big win for Didcot 2 against Oxford City 3, and Abingdon 3 took the points in their game against Isis 2. Finally in division 2 (S) Farnborough 2 came out victors against Southampton Uni 2.

Provisional Results: 

Regional League / OKA Division 1:

Basingstoke 1   21-4   Oxford City 1

OKA Division 1:

Basingstoke 1   13-12   Abingdon 1

Didcot 1   11-3   Isis 1

Farnborough   9-12   Southampton Uni 1

OKA Division 2 (N):

Oxford City 3   4-19   Didcot 2

Oxford Isis 2   1-10   Abingdon 3

OKA Division 2 (S):

Farnborough 2   10-4   Southampton Uni 2 

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