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OKL Week 19 Report 17/02/15

After the Cup last weekend it was back to the league this week with matches across all divisions. It was a tough weekend for Basingstoke facing some very strong opposition in the EKA promotion division. In division 1 Southampton Uni go back to the top after a successful trip up to play Didcot and Isis. Oxford City and Abingdon fought it out in a high scoring game and Oxford Uni v Farnborough was also a very close affair, with a good come back by Uni in the second half to get the draw.

Provisional Results

National League EKA Promotion (North and West):
Basingstoke Bulls 11-21 Nottingham 1
Basingstoke Bulls 11-27 Manchester Warriors 1

OKA Division 1
Isis 1 4-18 Southampton Uni 1
Didcot 1 3-26 Southampton Uni 1
Oxford City 1 16-19 Abingdon 1
Farnborough 1 9-9 Oxford Uni 1

OKA Division 2 (N)
Abingdon 2 19-2 Oxford City 3

OKA Division 2 (S)
Farnborough 2 6-14 Basingstoke 2
Southampton Uni 2 17-3 Reading 1


OKL Week 17 Report 27/01/15

A good weekend for the rapidly improving Oxford Uni – with a strong performance against Didcot saw them sink 20 goals and take the points. They followed this up with a draw against Isis and valuable points in fight to avoid the relegation zone.

After a hasty change of venue due to hall trouble, Southampton secured a win against Cardiff Uni in the regional league. The problems also meant the scheduled Southampton City 2 - Woking 2 game could not go ahead. No such problems up North though, as Didcot 2 beat Isis 2.

Provisional Results

Regional League

Southampton Spartans   30-14   Cardiff Uni

OKA Division 1

Didcot 1   10-20   Oxford Uni 1
Oxford Uni 1   11-11   Isis 1

OKA Division 2 (N)

Didcot 2   12-4   Isis 2



OKL Week 16 Report 20/01/15

A busy weekend in the regional league for our teams, Southampton won matches with Horfield and Bristol City to strengthen their 2nd place in the league. Oxford also won away at Gloucester. Basingstoke lost out to league leaders Bristol Thunder in a match that also counts for the EKA promotion division. This match featured the shot clock – a feature that is set to become a fixture of regional league games in the coming seasons.

It was also a good weekend for Abingdon as the first second and third teams all recorded victories in their respective matches.

Provisional Results

Regional League

Horfield   10-18   Southampton Spartans

Bristol City   18-20   Southampton Spartans

Basingstoke Bulls   11-24   Bristol Thunder

Gloucester Lions   9-19   Oxford

OKA Division 1

Abingdon 1   22-3   Didcot 1

OKA Division 2 (S)

Southampton City 2   12-8   Farnborough 2

OKA Division 2 (N)

Oxford City 2   8-17   Abingdon 2

Didcot 2   11-12   Abingdon 3


OKL Week 12 Report 14/12/14

Another relatively quiet weekend as we wind down toward the Christmas break, there was a successful trip for Farnborough up to Oxford beating both Abingdon and Didcot and moving them up to 2nd in the table, a good win for Basingstoke in the regional league and wins for Abingdon 2 and City 2 in division 2 (N). 

Provisional Results

Regional League 

Basingstoke Bulls   25-5   Gloucester Lions 

OKA Division 1

Abingdon 1   16-20   Farnborough 1

Didcot 1   16-19   Farnborough 1

OKA Division 2 (N)

Abingdon 2   14-8   Didcot 2

Oxford City 2   14-1   Oxford City 3 


OKL Week 11 Report 8/12/14

There were relatively few matches played last weekend mainly due to problems with access to the Hall at St Gregs on Sunday. In total 4 matches could not go ahead and will be rescheduled later in the season.

In division 2 (S) Woking 2 won a close match with Southampton City and look like the team to beat in the division this year. However, they are not eligible for promotion so if they finish in top spot, the 2nd place team will enter the playoffs.

Provisional Results

Regional League

Basingstoke Bulls   11-16   Bristol City

Division 1

Southampton Uni 1  19-7   Oxford City 1  

Division 2 (S)

Southampton City 1   10-12   Woking 2

Southampton City 2   8-5   Southampton Uni 2 


OKL Week 10 Report 01/12/14

There was a tough day in Bristol for Oxford City in the regional league, a very close game at the lower end of division 1 that could be an important relegation decider, and a big win to take Southampton Uni back to the top spot.

In Division 2 (N) a win for Didcot 2 moves them up the table. Meanwhile down South Southampton City maintain their unbeaten run.

Provisional Results

Regional League

Horfield   21-8   Oxford City

Bristol Thunder   28-3   Oxford City

Division 1

Abingdon 1   12-3   Oxford Uni 1

Oxford Uni 1   7-6   Didcot 1

Southampton Uni 1   26-6   Isis 1

Division 2 (N)

Abingdon 3   5-10   Oxford Uni 2

Didcot 2   9-7   Oxford Uni 2 

Division 2 (S)

Basingstoke 2   16-8   Southampton Uni 2

Farnborough 2   2-19   Southampton City 1


OKL Week 9 Report 24/11/14

In the regional league Southampton came very close to causing an upset in a very close game with league leaders and defending champions Bristol Thunder. Basingstoke managed a win against the travelling Cardiff Celts, but they got their revenge later in the day with a win in Oxford.

In division 1 there were wins Oxford City and Southampton Uni, but it finished all square between Isis and Oxford Uni. There was a big win for Abingdon 3 in division 2 (N) and experience triumphed over youth, with wins for Basingstoke and Southampton City at Reading in division 2 (S). 

Provisional Results

Regional League

Oxford   15-17   Cardiff Celts 

Southampton Spartans   13-14   Bristol Thunder

Basingstoke Bulls   24-16   Cardiff Celts

OKA Division 1 

Isis 1   5-5   Oxford Uni 1

Oxford Uni 1   7-13   Oxford City 1

Southampton Uni 1   21-9   Abingdon 1

OKA Division 2 (N)

Didcot 2   4-6   Oxford City 2

Abingdon 3   17-2   Oxford City 3

OKA Division 2 (S)

Reading 1   3-10   Basingstoke 2

Reading 1   5-9   Southampton City 2 


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